Power Roller Beds are the base of a skid logistics. Designed to be as maintenance-free as possible and operate relentlessly, it is suitable for all stages of your manufacturing and logistics processes.



Technical characteristics

With a very standardized design, our roller tables fit to your skid and to your process. The main features are:

Table length Maximum 8000 x 3000 x 800 (L x W x H)
Load per table Maximum 2000 kg
Travel speed Up to 40 m / min for an optimized cycle time of up to 90 job per hour
Rollers motorization

By flat / timing belts

Skid conveying by direct friction wheel

Surface treatment

Fixed parts painted blue RAL 5010

Moving parts painted in yellow RAL 1021


Stainless steel structure, rollers with PU coating, covers, passageway, automation, etc…

 Robust, our roller beds can fit most processes and industrial constraints. Our PRB will find its place in your production workshops and meet your logistical constraints.

Do you want to equip yourself with automated skids conveyors? Contact us to talk about your project together.

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Innovation and performance since 1866

Innovation and performance since 1866

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