Paint shops: all in precision and delicacy

Painting in industry is also an art. But with many constraints that do not allow any approximation: conveying and materials handling systems are very sensitive topics.

Surface treatment constraints is your daily business

A paint shop is somehow like music. Everything must be perfectly controlled, strictly executed to be nice:

  • The parts must be positioned precisely in front of the robots: no deviation is possible.
  • Painting is done while parts are in movements, continuously, without vibrations which would compromise the final result.
  • Drying and baking and curing cycle times must be strictly respected.
  • For row dips, the parts need to be transported easily from bath to bath, for any size or weight.
  • Freshly painted parts are delicate and fragile: they require special attention for their handling.

ATS Group, specialist in systems dedicated to paint shops

Your business is so precise and demanding that your conveyor systems must full fill very specific needs.
We know that you expect systems that can handle controlled buffers in ovens and drying areas, which are suitable for high temperatures and wet, aggressive or explosive conditions.
Our conveyors suit your needs and meet the specific standards of surface treatment.

Many customers worldwide have already decided to go for our conveyors and appreciated our ability to execute any automated or manual handling project. Contact us!

Pre-treatment of small truck at Mahindra, Kandivali, India, equipped with an EMS (Electrical monorail system)