Automotive: in line with ultra-reactivity

The automotive sector has always been innovative and pro-active. 
Your stakes? Productivity, reliability, in a word, efficiency.

A sector under pressure: the automobile and its materials handling constraints

The automotive sectors and their equipment manufacturers require tailor-made solutions: material handling and cycle time achievement are at the key of your business.

  • The specifications are very precise: new systems has to fit perfectly to your platform and your existing equipment
  • Our innovative solutions must improve your productivity and have a good return on investment
  • The project planning must be strictly followed
  • The systems must control precisely the cycle time and the sequencing of the parts, eventually thanks to buffer
  • The conveyor systems must be reliable, requiring less maintenance to optimize plant availability
  • Ergonomics and safety at work are essential

ATS Group: our experience in the automotive sector makes the difference

Body parts, engines, interiors or vehicles being assembled, we know how to meet all your expectations while respecting your standards.

From Press/body shop to assembly and paint shop, we always propose you the most competitive and most suitable solution. With full knowledge of your needs, we select the best fitting of our solutions.
According to strict specifications, we integrate the entire project for a perfect coordination, from design to installation, from manufacturing to commissioning.
Our systems require less maintenance, but we remain available to your teams for any assistance.

The big names in the automobile industry regularly renew their trust in with their projects. Contact us!