Modernization of infectious hospital waste incineration plants: a major challenge

The trolley bins with wastes of infectious care activities, have changed in recent years with the arrival of new practices in the hospitals. The modernization of infectious hospital incineration plants brings new challenges for your conveying system to consider.

Considerable challenges for sensitive waste

In the 90s, many incineration centers were set up in France to eliminate hospital waste, the D.A.S.R.I. These systems now require a strong upgradation according to your own specification

  • A wide variety of existing bins (660 l, 770 l, 1100 l) to be managed within the same system.
  • Fitting in existing buildings and processes.
  • Traceability is Essential.
  • Continuous 24/7 flows to be mastered.
  • Risks of infection to be reduced by offering autonomous systems requiring a minimum of human intervention.